27 November 2014

How to Sew a Sleep Mask - DIY

A free pattern and tutorial for a handmade sleep mask.

Dark coloured felt
Black satin
Black printed cotton
Black elastic (about 30 cm)
Sewing pins
White chalk
Sewing machine 
Black thread
Free pattern CLICK HERE

1.Cut out your paper pattern. Use the chalk to trace two mask shapes on the felt, One on the black satin and one on the black cotton. Cut them out. 

Hold your elastic at one temple and stretch it around the back of your head to your other temple. Add 4 cm (1.5 in) and cut. Mark 2 cm (0.7 in) at either end of the elastic with your chalk.Make a stack of you fabric pieces. First lay down the felt, then the black satin and then the printed cotton (right side down).Place the elastic between the black satin and printed cotton layers, allowing the 2 cm (0.7 in) either end to hang out (the majority of the elastic is inside).

2.Sew around the edges, leaving a 0.6 cm (1/4 inch) seam. Make sure you leave a gap of 5 cm (1.9 in) along the centre top edge for turning out. Tip: Snip a fringe on the curved edges to make turning out easier.

3.Turn your mask right side out and iron flat. Hand sew the gap along the top closed.


  1. I was excited to see the pattern for the sleep masks, but I could not get the pattern to print to right size. I did not see the option you mentioned about fit to paage. Any other suggestions? Julie Phillips

    1. Hi Julie. Thanks for your comment. I have fixed the problem now. Just click on the link next to "Free Pattern". Hope you enjoy it. Jessie.