24 January 2014

Make a Tea Chest Gift

A DIY gift project for the tea lover in your life!


Box with compartments
Decorative paper
Coordinating acrylic paint
Gesso (white primer paint)
Paintbrushes and jar of water
Mod Podge or PVA glue


Measure the front, back and both sides of your box with a ruler. Transfer these measurements onto the back of your decorative paper and cut out. Now you should have four rectangles.

If your box also has a clear lid, measure the edges and transfer these measurements onto the back of your decorative paper and cut out. 
If your box does not have a clear lid, just measure the height and width of your lid and cut out a rectangle to fit.

1. If you have a clear lid on your box, cover it with paper and mask the edges with tape (as seen in photo 2).
Paint the wooden surfaces with gesso to create an undercoat. Let that dry overnight.
Next paint the entire box with a colour that matches your decorative paper.

3. Start with the front of your box. Apply a coat of Mod Podge. Place on your corresponding rectangle and smooth from the centre out to the edges.

Repeat for the remaing three sides.

4. Allow to dry with something propped up between the lid and the base to prevent sticking.

5. Apply Mod Podge to the lid and adhere strips. Allow to dry.

6. Apply a coating of Mod Podge to the entire box to create a seal.

7. Fill with some nice tea bags.

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