29 August 2013

DIY Card Making Kit

Make a card making kit as a gift for a crafter.

Wrapping paper
Glue stick
Mod Podge
Cereal box
Fabric scrap slightly bigger than lid
30 cm elastic
Super glue
6 sheets white A4 computer paper
White card board
Scrapbooking paper scraps
Small scissors from discount store
Small glue from discount store
Ribbon from discount store

To decorate your box, paint the box and cover the lid in coordinating wrapping paper. Paint on a coat of Mod Podge to seal.

Cut a piece of cardboard from your cereal box to fit inside the lid. Trace around your small glue and small scissors with a pen. Poke some holes through the cardboard, just outside the lines to thread some elastic through later. Use a glue stick to glue fabric to cardboard, folding the edges behind. Hold up to the light and poke through the holes again.

Take your elastic and thread through two holes. Glue with super glue on the reverse side. 

When dry, slip in your small scissors and small glue and set aside.

Make 6 origami envelopes with your A4 computer paper. Here is a video by' foldsomething' on YouTube that shows you how.

Cut 6 cards from your white cardboard that will fit into the envelopes.

Cut up your scrapbooking paper scraps, so that they fit in the box.

You could buy some mini pens, ribbon or double sided tape from the discount store and package them into small zip lock bags.

Finally, add all your materials to your box.

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