2 March 2014

No-Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

This recipe is so easy. No oven required.

300ml thickened cream
Dash vanilla
Packet of chcolate ripple biscuits
3/4 cup strawberry jam
4 squares of chocolate, grated
1/2 punnet strawberries, hulled

Pour cream into a large bowl, add a dash of vanilla. Beat with electric beaters until whipped (3-5 minutes). 

Place a dinner plate on the bench. Cover the base of the plate in a layer of whipped cream. 

Open the biscuit packet. Pour jam into a bowl. Dip a biscuit into the jam. Use a knife to cover it in cream, stand it on the plate. Continue making a ring shaped cake. See diagram below.

When the ring is complete. Cover everything with cream and smooth with the back of a butter knife. Place the strawberries in the centre and sprinkle with grated chocolate. Place the cake in the fridge for 6-8 hours to soften. Enjoy!

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