27 April 2014

DIY Sporty Drawstring Skirt Tutorial

This cute skirt will only take you an hour to make. Let's get started.

Fabric (1 - 1.5 metres)
Tailors chalk
Sewing machine and thread
Sewing pins
Measuring tape
2.5 cm non- roll elastic (length of your waist minus 6 cm)
1.5 - 2 cm wide ribbon, cord or twill tape (30 cm long)
Large safety pin
Sewing needle
Embroidery floss

Wrap the fabric around your hips 1 1/4 times. This will be your length.
Use a tape measure to find the width (from your hip to your thigh plus 5 cm). 
Cut out your fabric.

Cut it in half to make 2 skirt panels. 
Machine sew a small zigzag stitch around the edge of each piece to stop it fraying.

Place your skirt panels right sides together. We will be pinning the side seams now.
If your fabric is striped, align your stripes.
Now pin the short sides together.

Machine sew a straight stitch.
Press seams open.

Try your skirt on (it will be far too big at this point, we just want to check the length).
Mark with a sewing pin where you want the hem to sit.
Fold under the raw edge of your hem 1 cm and press.
Machine sew a straight stitch.

Fold over again to meet where you marked your hem height with a pin.
Pin and press.

Sew a catch stitch by hand to secure the hem. See the bottom of the page for a detailed diagram.

To make your drawstring, cut your ribbon in half. Pin one half to one end of the elastic. Pin the other half to the opposite end of the elastic. Machine sew a straight stitch several times to secure. Set aside.

To create button holes (where your drawstring will come from), cut two small slits either side of the centre front. Only cut the top layer of fabric. Sew a tight backstitch by hand to finish your button holes.

Attach a safety pin to one end of your drawstring. Guide the safety pin theough one button hole and out the other. Tie it in a bow. Try your skirt on, pull your drawstring to fit and re-tie the bow. All done!

Diagram: How to sew a catch stitch when hemming a skirt.

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