2 June 2015

DIY Terrarium

Learn how to make an affordable terrarium in a fish bowl.

Fish bowl ($10 at the discount store)
Potting mix ($3 at Bunnings)
Horticultural charcoal ($10- enough for twenty terrariums!)
Colleus ($6)
Golden hahnii ($6)
Geranium (cutting from the garden grown in water for a few weeks)
Thyme (little bits from the garden with roots attached)
Rocks (from the garden)

Cover the base of the fishbowl with charcoal. Fill the bowl one third of the way up with potting mix (angle it so it is higher up one end for display purposes). 

Make a hole for the plants and arrange them the way you please. Place the rocks in a river formation and fill the gaps with the thyme.

Water lightly and place in indirect sunlight. Allow the terrarium to become dry before you water it again (usually more than 2 weeks).

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