15 January 2014

How To Make Bias Binding From Scrap Fabric (Easy)

Here is an easy way to make bias binding when you don't have much fabric left. You cut it on the diagonal so the cotton stretches. This means your binding can be used on all sorts of projects with curves. I used mine for edging the neck on a dress.
1. Use a ruler to mark diagonal lines on your cotton fabric. I made mine the same width as the ruler and as long as the fabric allowed.

2. On every second ruled section, cut throughh the middle.
3. Pin as shown in the photo. This is made easier if you make the line with a ruler first.

4. Sew. Flip so the wrong side is fabric is up and you have one long strip. Press seams open and iron. 

5. Fold both edges in to meet in the cenre and iron. Your bias binding is now ready to use.

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