11 July 2014

How To Make An Origami Flower Wreath

Make this beautiful wreath to hang on a wall in your home or as a gift for a friend.

Various sized sheets of origami paper in white, pink, yellow and green
30 cm heart shaped wreath (or a piece of cardboard in a heart shape, about 1 cm in width)
White acrylic paint and brush
Hot glue gun
Copy paper


Purchase a wicker wreath or cut cardboard into a heart shape.

Paint the wreath with a white acrylic paint.

Insert a piece of wire through the middle centre of your heart and twist to close the ring (you'll use this to hang it).

Make 20-30 origami flowers in different styles and sizes. I made a white, pink and yellow flower for each style (eg. Lily, lotus, frangipani).

Make 10 leaves using the green origami paper.

Click here for some of my favourite origami flower videos

Heat up the hot glue gun. Lay the copy paper on your table and place the wreath on top. 

Start by gluing the leaves onto your wreath.

Glue your flowers in a random pattern, varying the colours, styles and sizes. Start with the largest and leave the smallest to fill in any gaps.

All done!

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