8 August 2014

Make A Very Warm Jelly Roll Quilt

This quilt is a perfect lap-sized quilt. My aim was to make a really warm quilt, on a budget.

Half a jelly roll (20 strips of fabric measuring 2.5 inches by 44 inches) 
Sewing pins
Sewing machine
Cotton thread

1 metre polyester wadding (mine was $7 a metre at Lincraft)
1 metre of polar fleece fabric (I bought a blanket from Coles for $6)

1. Make your patchwork quilt top according to the instructions on THIS video. 
Now place your quilt top on your polar fleece fabric. Allow for about a 2.5 cm (1 inch) extra on all the edges and cut out.

2. Cut a piece of polyester wadding the same size as the polar fleece. 
Next make a 'quilt sandwich' - polar fleece, then wadding, then quilt top.

3. Pin or hand-baste the three layers together around the edge. 
Now pin or hand-baste along each square (the seams of each block) in your quilt top.

4. Machine sew in the 'ditch' (where the blocks meet) using a sewing machine and matching thread. 
Remove the pins or basting as you go.

5. Your quilted blanket will look like this on the front...

6. And this on the back.

7. Using scissors, trim the wadding and polar fleece so that they line up with your quilt top. Sew a straight stitch very close to each edge of your quilt.

Follow THESE instructions for using bias binding tape on the edges of your quilt.

8. A completed blanket.

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